We offer our clients flexible staffing and project delivery models - no matter what part of the world they are from.

We’re a Next Generation Global Studio that works collaboratively across borders to create meaningful web and mobile experiences through exploring the intersection of design and technology

Our home base is Perth, Western Australia.

What we offer you

We offer the advantage of dealing with cost­ effective, highly skilled specialists without the difficulties of managing traditional outsourcing channels.


  1. Highly skilled and available workforce
  2. Ability to overcome resource shortages in the local market
  3. Access to knowledge pools not available internally or locally
  4. The flexibility to quickly scale (up or down) depending on your requirements


  1. Improved time to market on new business initiatives
  2. The ability to keep pace with change so you don’t fall behind the innovation curve
  3. Flexible management of production capacity
  4. Ability to capitalise on a 24hr operations cycle to improve time to market


  1. Outsourcing of risk and quality control
  2. Mitigated risk of costly IT project failures
  3. A mature legal system with firm contract and intellectual property laws


  1. Cost savings through competitive pricing versus your local market
  2. A favourable AUD/USD exchange rate that increases savings
  3. Optimization of cross - cultural communication

Delivery Models

We offer flexible and bespoke pricing and delivery models to meet your requirements that include fixed price and time and materials projects via staff augmentation or wholly outsourced project delivery models.

Each engagement is assigned a project technical lead that works directly with project team/s and the Client’s product owner to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery.

Additional support is provided by a relationship manager who acts as a liaison between the client and Gramercy to offer guidance and assistance during the transition period.